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About Collaborative Results



Hi. I'm Mike Grabarek. I have extensive experience in  talent and organizational development in a wide variety of industries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. I've worked within organizations and as a management consultant focused on talent development and organizational improvements. I've built upon my experience and learning since working at GE's Leadership Development Institute in the 1990's.



Early in my career, I was an aerospace engineer analyzing guidance systems for nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles - rocket science. By far the biggest break-throughs I've had were centered around finding the simplicity within the complexity. I've taken that same approach ever since. I love simple and impactful solutions that get results.

Why Us?


Every business is unique and deserves unique solutions. I've had a long habit of taking on challenging situations by deeply understanding the client's challenges, needs, and desires. From there, we get practical and creative to develop custom solutions that reflect what will actually work within the organization.